Todd Oliver

Artist - Todd Oliver

Have you ever met a talking dog, a real talking Dog? Get ready, because on (fill in) you’re going to meet the funniest comedian on 4 legs!
“Irving” with a little help from his friend Todd Oliver, is going to talk up a storm.
If you ever wondered how a dog looks at life, this little home raised companion is going to give it to you straight from the dogs mouth. He won’t mince words, and if he does it’s Todds’ fault anyways.( He’s a ventriloquist, magician and musician)

Todd Oliver grew up loving dogs, ventriloquism, music and magic. As a young boy he studied piano, guitar, voice, and the variety arts. Along the way he created some wooden headed hysterically funny characters and performed around the world. You’ll also meet a live bunny named Charlie and 4 beautiful birds.
Todd Oliver and Friends have been a feature on Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Today Show, a couple episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, and in 2012 they were a top 4 finalist on Americas’Got Talent.
A major draw for many years on Showboats in Branson MO, and Nashville TN, as well as other major entertainment venues, Todd is now touring, bringing his brand of clean family fun to towns across America.

So sit back and get ready, you might even be on stage yourself, Todd turns audience members into real live ventriloquist dummies! , Either way you’re going to have a doggone good time with “Todd Oliver, The Funniest Night Of Your Life”.