Kari Huskey ~ Director of Marketing

Growing up in the northern Oklahoma town of Wakita, Kari Huskey can claim a little bit of Hollywood fame, as her hometown is known as a filming location of the 1996 movie “Twister.”

For her secondary education, Kari earned a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Oklahoma State University. She has utilized the skills and knowledge that she brought from OSU to build a successful career spanning over 25 years.

During that time, Kari has held various sales and marketing positions in healthcare, publishing, and hospitality, during which time she polished her talents for developing successful digital and print advertising campaigns; managing, training, mentoring and supervising teams; setting and following budgets; executing marketing strategies, and writing ad copy and press release for print, online and social media. Kari boasts film and radio experience as well, having delved into video conception, filming, editing and production, and had a stint as a successful radio personality.

Because of her love of the entertainment industry, Kari also manages the brewokc.com website focusing on craft beer, wine, cocktails, restaurants, events, and music in the OKC area!

In addition to her freelance marketing work, she is the Innovation Ambassador for Our Blood Institute. Working with their Strategic Software Solutions spin out, she is out in the community helping nonprofit organizations and businesses gamify their marketing and training strategy to create more interaction and engagement with their target audience.

Kari also has a big heart for volunteering and has served on boards of numerous non-profit, civic, and chamber organizations. She enjoys being active in the community and is always willing to step in whenever and wherever she feels she can make a difference.

Besides being involved in her son’s active college ROTC and cross-country activities, Kari stays busy with her running group, and has a goal to run a race in all 50 states. She also enjoys live music of all kinds and is always up for spontaneous trips and adventures!